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“The Village” Mountain Mission Project is a organization designed to empower people living in poverty in the Dominican Republic and foster cross-cultural connections between Dominicans and Americans. In the year 2000, founder Bill Benson sailed into the harbor of Luperón, Dominican Republic, and traveled around the surrounding countryside. He quickly fell in love with the culture and the people he was meeting on a daily basis. Bill saw that many of the people he met lacked basic shelter, so he began gathering people to build houses.

Since then, his desire to help has been shared by many people through our eight-day building project, including high schools, colleges, church groups, and town organizations from across the country. On average, “The Village” completes six houses a year and has grown to include Medical and Dental Missions, as well as the C.A.R.E. Project targeting education for at-risk children.

With all of our Missions, we strive not only to meet a physical need, but also foster the bond that develops between the family and participants. The families will live in their new house for years, improving their quality of life, but the long lasting impact for the homeowner, the participants, and the community is the relationship they develop.